Regarding emails containing the URLs

Spam emails have been circulating advertising lotteries and other money-making scams, claiming that somehow, Bill Gates has approved their work. Then they refer to this url as proof of Bill's approval. The Bill Gates Net Worth Page (the web site formerly at the above URL) is NOT running these schemes. We do not authorize any other web sites to refer to this site as an endorsement. We do NOT take part in any lottery, we do not authorize, bless, or approve any other web site and we do not ask people to send anyone any money.

Complaints to organizations like SpamCop do nothing to stop these spams since the complaints are routed to us, not to the spammers. Trust us, spammers never see spam complaints. SpamCop and the like are only harassing the innocent as a result of your complaints.

And, once again, nobody at Microsoft, up to and including Bill Gates himself, has anything to do with this web page-- and they certainly don't endorse offers of lotteries you might receive in your spam.

The web site is temporarily down because our ISP once again has been convinced to shut down this server because of the spam complaints. Meanwhile the spammers themselves go about their business.